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Mercenary For Hire
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Why I started this?
People that need to be killed
The way you can pay me
Orginization of Mercinaries and Assasins
Welcome Computer Board 2

Here you will see what all I do. You will see my weapons and why I do this. Have fun.

This is just the home page so it isnt like yay lets have some fun and all that other bull shit!

My weapons...Dont take them!

Dark Soul Katana: This weapon is very powerful. It has been by my side for many years. Now the reason why it is mainly called that is because I use it for evil. Plus it killed many inocnt people.
Dark Soul Daggers: Allthough it is called the same thing as the Katana it isnt. For the Katana i hold it and gut people. With the dagger I through it at peoples head hoping it will kill them.

I deliver death as slow as I can everyone!

Please donate so that I can get stuff for all of us and make this alot better.

Contact me if you need anyone killed!