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Mercenary For Hire
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Why I started this?
People that need to be killed
The way you can pay me
Orginization of Mercinaries and Assasins

Why I started this?

My Name: Robert Shapero

My Address: 574 boiling springs rode


Objective: To kill everyone who apposes me

Why I started to do this?

About my self.

Allthough I am mean sometimes I am pretty cool. Alls you got to do is not be an asshole to me ans we will be cool. Any ways the reason why I started this was for Revenge on evryone!

There are so many things you have to learn in being a Mercenary. You got to learn when to get them, how, and even why. Allthought i dont worry about some of that stuff I have to.

Well enjoy my website and dont do no funny shit or your dead bitch!

Contact me if you need anyone killed!